Sandwich & Lunch Boxes

Available for delivery 7 days a week, these sandwich and lunch boxes are ideal for the office or a casual gathering at home.  All sandwich boxes can be adapted to your requirements! 

Gluten free available, meat or vegetarian, minimum 4 serves, $2 surcharge per serve. 


9 baguettes

Sourdough baguette sandwiches with various fillings

- ham, swiss cheese, tomato

- salami, provolone, sundried pesto and rocket

- grilled veg, fetta, baby spinach, chipotle mayo

$58 Days to order - 2

Vegetarian and vegan options available.


20 mini slider buns

Mini brioche slider buns with various fillings;

- prawn mayonnaise

- pulled pork and apple slaw

- spiced sweet potato and quinoa patty, beetroot relish and avocado

$85 Days to order - 2

Vegetarian options available.

M WM SW.jpg

Sandwich box

Choose your own 40 triangle sandwiches in a variety of white, wholemeal, wholegrain bread with a selection of meat and vegetarian fillings.

- egg, lettuce, mayo

- Brie, tomato, basil pesto mayo

-English cheddar, tomato and pickle

-roast beef and horseradish

- coronation chicken

$70 Days to order - 1


Fresh Fruit Platter

The perennial favourite!

A selection of seasonal fruit studded with dates and dried fruit

Medium, serves 6-8 $40

Large, serves 8-12 $70

Days to order - 2